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October 1999

Immediately following the very successful Bud Shank Workshop and Jazz Port Townsend, Bud flew off to Tucson to have carpal tunnel surgery done on his left hand. Not a pleasant experience, but he is recovering beautifully and well ahead of schedule, although champing at the bit with an enforced six to eight weeks when he can practice but not play a full performance. He has occupied himself with supervising a new jazz CD recording session by a band in San Francisco, choosing material for a soon-to-be-printed songbook containing 25 to 30 of his own compositions, composing, giving lessons, doing interviews, and complaining a lot.

Next up is a concert at High Desert Jazz in Carson City, Nevada, after which the Shanks zip down to Monterey, California to take in a little sports car racing at Laguna Seca. (EVERY trip doesn't have to be work, right?). In November Bud hops across the Sound to do a concert with the Symphony in Bellingham. The month of December is dedicated to finalizing the material for two new planned CDs for year 2000, and organizing bookings for that year. And of course planning for the Workshop and Festival here in Port Townsend next July.

Bud has been amazed at the number of variety of jazz fans that have contacted him through this web site and the level of their interest and involvement in the music. They leave comments on the guest page, ask for photos, want information on favorite tunes, buy CDs, ask for advice, give advice. They respond in many languages (your editor is becoming proficient in stumbling through about nine languages at last count!), and their warmth and enthusiasm makes the world a jazzier place. Ciao!

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