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October 1998

It has been an incredibly busy summer, with Bud just off for a month-long tour that included festivals in Colorado and New Mexico, and the excellent Jazz Party at Irvine, in the company of fine players including Nick Brignola, Rob McConnell, and Holly Hoffman among others. (. . . and a side trip to the Monterey Historic Races.)

Next up on the schedule was a visit to PT by Bruce Talbot, who interviewed Bud for NPR's Sunday "Jazz Profiles" series. He proceeded on to LA to interview a host of Bud's musical colleagues and friends who will contribute their "bit" to the special, to air this winter.

Bud spends three weeks in October touring in Holland joined by Pete Christlieb, with nine dates kicking off at the the venerable Bim Huis in Amsterdam on October 1. He will take a few days to slip down to the lovely city of Brugge in Belgium in the midst of the trip. After the tour, it is a few weeks at home, followed by a November concert at the Athanaeum in La Jolla with his regular band (Mike Wofford, Bob Magnusson, and Mark Ferber subbing for Joe LaBarbera). He will also be joined by Conte Candoli. The next day the band goes into the studio to record a television special for "Club Date" on PBS.

Next comes a headlining appearance at the Gerry Mulligan Tribute in Long Beach hosted by impresario Ken Poston of KLON radio, scheduled for December 4 - 6. A most fitting end to a wonderful and very full year. Based on bookings so far, next year is going to be just like it!

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