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October 2004

It has been a wild summer, with one job after another, a record in the works, retiling almost the whole house (which means moving everything out for the third time in two years, including more than 2000 books)! The Shanks are whipped.

Bud and Bill Mays played a wonderful concert in Montreal, and then then went on across the pond to join the band and Phil Woods for North Sea.

Two weeks later, we were off for Port Townsend to do what turned out to be our last Workshop and Festival in that town. Three weeks before the event we received a letter from the classless people that now run Centrum, informing Bud that after 2004, his services would no longer be required. Unbelievable! After more than twenty years as Artistic Director.

So, we put on our game face and did the usual professional job, and Bud and Phil blew the overflow audience out the door with a roaring set that showed a few people what is what. The Workshop and Festival will move to the Southwest for 2005. Dates are July 17 - 24 for the Workshop, with the Festival running Thursday through Saturday. Will keep you posted.

In September Bud was in Newport, Oregon for their festival, performing with his band and special guests Holly Hoffman and Pete Cristlieb. The Oregon Coast is absolutely beautiful, especially in the autumn.

October brings a while slew of concerts: Bud plays Topeka and Kansas City with David Friesen. Then he goes the next week to Seattle to play the Earshot Festival with Bill Mays. On the 23rd and 24th he plays the Oro Valley Jazz Festival in Arizona.

November finds Phil and Bud at Yoshi's for a week, and then on to Kuumbwa in Santa Cruz. The Yoshi's gig will be recorded live for a DVD to be released in early 2005. Between all that, there are new compositions brewing and other good things upcoming.

. . . And Rubato and Allegro Shank (bassets) turned 1 year old!

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