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October 2003

After a relaxed first half of the year, it was back to work with a capital W. In July Bud did a superb performance with Bill Mays on the mainstage as part of his Workshop and Jazz Port Townsend, the 25th year for this event.

Following that, he played with Pete Christlieb at a very touching tribute to Bill Perkins in Los Angeles. He also acquired Perk's tenor, which Bob Cooper purchased many years ago in Paris with Bud at his side. The horn will be donated in Perk's memory to the Jazz Institute. Next up was a quartet concert in San Diego and a duo performance in Santa Barbara with Alan Broadbent.

Meanwhile Fresh Sounds records was releasing two new CDs of Bud's, "Cool Fool" with Bud and three trombones, and "Alone Together," a live duo CD with Dutch pianist Rein De Graaf.

Bud then repacked his suitcase and got on a plane with drummer Joe LaBarbera to do an East Coast tour that included performances at Blues Alley in Washington, DC, The Jazz Cafe in Philadelphia, the Lake George Festival in upstate New York, Sculler's in Boston, and the Jazz Standard in New York City.

In the midst of all this, the Shank's hosted author and producer Bruce Talbot for a week in Tucson. Bruce spent much of the week conducting interviews and doing research in Bud's archives, as he will be writing Bud's biography, to be published in 2004.

In October the Shanks will jump into their little 356B Porche coupe and participate in a long weekend for Porche nuts in Taos, New Mexico.

Then it is off to Miami to catch the Norway Sun for a week-long jazz cruise in the Caribbean. This is a somewhat dicey prospect since the last jazz cruise (in North Atlantic) ran into a Force 9 gale and frightened the wits out of everyone aboard including Mrs. Bud!! Now w know what was on Gerry Mulligan's mind when he wrote the frantic tune "North Atlantic Run." At least the jazz road is never boring!


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