Bud Notes, January 1996 Newsletter

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October 2002

Bud Shank never wants to see another cardboard box as long as he lives! Moving is hell, period. Anyway, the Shanks have traded wet, green, tiny Port Townsend for hot (very!), dry, surprisingly green, and booming Tucson, Arizona.

Unpacking is still taking place to the music of the band of coyotes that lives behind us and comes to our back fence fifteen or so strong to serenade us a couple of times a week. The snakes are another matter entirely, but we won't get into that.

Jazz Port Townsend went off without a hitch, with a full workshop and throngs attending the festival itself at the Mainstage and in the ten clubs. Bob Florence conducted Bud and the Festival Big Band in the piece Bob wrote for Bud's 75th birthday last May, "Take The Long Way Home."

This was the 24th year of the event and it was still going strong, and NOT diluting itself with a bunch of music that is not jazz. This year the Mainstage performers were people like Kenny Barron and Anne Drummond, Alan Broadbent Trio, Ingrid Jensen, and John Clayton Trio doing a touching tribute to the late Ray Brown. He was due to headline the event this year, but passed away just weeks prior. He will be terribly missed.

Right after Jazz PT, Bud zipped up to Vancouver BC to do a Guest Soloist spot with a big band at a festival there. The other guest was Phil Woods, so you can probably imagine what went on up there! Oh, and the festival was called "The Joy of Sax."

Then it was the Bernalillo Jazz Party in Arizona, followed by a planned month of September off to unpack. Next up is a quintet concert in Los Angeles at Spazio, a concert in Santa Barbara, and on December 29 a few concerts in Palm Springs.

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