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October 2001

The Hawaii Jazz Festival on Oahu was a gas! Bud got to premier the new suite written for his 75th birthday by Bob Florence, the weather was fine, the fans were even better. Right after that the Sextet went into the studio here in the Northwest and put ten songs (including two medleys) into the can for the new CD, to be entitled "On The Trail." It was an intense session, and it shows in some wonderful music

The Mt. Hood Festival reverted to its mainstream roots this year, thanks to the guidance of Bill Royston, a guy who knows his jazz. The Sextet played in tight set, cheerfully accepted their huge standing ovation, and returned later to join an all-star jam session that night. The next concert was the Vancouver Wine & Jazz Festival, a quintet appearance with Bud's band and trumpeter Bobby Shew. Lovely weather and a mellow crowd made this a pleasant event, even if there was not an iota of parking to be had. Everyone made up for the long walks with lots of both of the above.

Next up was the Kaua'i Jazz Festival in September, which managed to be joyous affair despite the dreadful events of September 11, which cast a pall over everything. Kaua'i was awash in flags -- on almost every house and business, and many fans wore ribbons and pins in commemoration of our lost fellow citizens. A minute of silence was observed prior to the performance. The Quartet played a great long set, with well-known pianist Larry Dunlap at the keyboard and his dive Bobbe Norris doing some vocals as well.

Just two days after a miserable series of flights home from Kaua'i, Bud was back in the air again to perform with the Sextet at impresario Ken Poston's latest production, a salute to the Lighthouse years taking place at the Irvine Bowl in Laguna Beach south of Los Angeles. It featured many of the great gases artists who passed through that venue in its heyday.

The not so good news is that Bud will go into the hospital on October 8th for spinal surgery to relieve pain in his lumbar region and legs. This is a common surgery and Bud has been working hard to get into the best shape possible, so we are confident that all will go well. None the less, Bud will have to take an enforced three month "vacation" to recuperate -- no gigs and no traveling. At the end of this period Mrs. Bud will no doubt be committed to an asylum somewhere!! Camarillo maybe?

In the meantime, notes and calls and emails would be very welcome as once Bud in on his feet again it will soon become a very large drag to be stuck in one place for months. He will be doing some composing, and we plan to get back to work on the long-delayed autobiography, which always seems to end up on the back burner. The new CD "On The Trail" is still in the mixing stages, but if what is completed so far is any indication, that is going to be a hell of a record! Watch for it after the first of the year.

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