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October 2000

It has been a whirlwind summer! In seven days the Sextet went from the West Coast to London, to Brecon, back to London, to Toulouse, Marciac, back to Toulouse, to brussels, to Oslo, to Frankfurt, to New York, and finally, home. Special kudos to booker Jordi Sunol for his heroic efforts to keep everyone on track and on time, and the first rate treatment accorded the musicians at all of these venues. A couple of weeks later, Bud slipped down to San Diego to do a concert with Holly Hoffman's Trio and Conte Candoli.

Directly after that it was off to a multi-nighter in Denver. Next up a break to attend the American LeMans series races in Portland, Oregon (strictly for fun). Upcoming October 19 - 22 the Sextet plays Jazz Alley in Seattle, celebrating the release of their new CD "Silver Storm." Check the CD out at www.rawrecords.com.

Next comes the mighty San Francisco Jazz Festival, which the Sextet plays on November 3. And following that a long tour that encompasses ten dates in Great Britain with a quartet, and another eleven dates in Holland and Germany playing with Rein De Graff's band as well as a few big band dates.

In the midst of all this Bud is working away on his Songbook, occasionally tackling another chapter in the autobiography (74 years is a lot of ground to cover!), preparing material for the next Sextet CD to be recorded next Spring, and juggling a mass of new bookings of 2001. Bud also made the cover of The Seattle Times Sunday edition on August 13, a rather mindbending honor for a jazz guy. Many thanks to writer Paul DeBarros for a great piece and super photograph by Tom Reese. If it is Sunday, it must be time to pack (again).

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