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July 2002

Even as you read this, the Shanks are on the move to Tucson, Arizona and a new life in the desert. It has been a horrendously hectic enterprise given the huge amount to sort and pack and the short amount of time available to do so due to so much touring.

For once it was lucky that part of the European tour got cancelled in June as it gave the Shanks some breathing room. On the other hand, don't you just DESPISE promoters who put a hold on the busiest month of the year in your book six months ahead, and then dump on you two weeks before the tour, and far too late to book anything else. Someone ought to lock these guys in a closet with Kenny G.

Anyway, the past few weeks have been just great. Bud had a super time in Europe, playing delightful cities like Neuberg and Amsterdam, and dragging the band off to see the cathedral in Cologne.

Not long back and it was on to "Cool and Crazy," Ken Poston's extravaganza in North Hollywood. The audience was amazing, coming from Japan, Holland, England, New Zealand, Germany, and all over the States. Bud played a fine set with his Sextet and then tore down the Lighthouse on Sunday night with his Quartet! They were hanging from the rafters in that place. Bud said it felt really weird to be up on that stage again.

The Shanks tooled on down to Tucson in mid-June to sign the papers on the house and welcome a pile of Porsches hot off the transporter. One day back in PT to pack and run to the airport to catch a plane for Europe (again).

Two fine venues at Verona and Vienne, with lovely audiences. Mrs. Bud spent her birthday in Lyon, then it was back to PT to meet the moving van. See you in Tucson!

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