Bud Notes, January 1996 Newsletter

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APRIL 1998

Packing up for the first long tour of the year this month. The tour begins with a performance at the Brewery Arts Center in Carson City, Nevada, on April 19. Then on to Carmel for a show at Sunset Center April 25, with a clinic on the 24th. Next comes Garden City in San Jose on April 26, then a few days in Los Angeles. April 30 through May 2 Bud and his quartet will play the St. Tropez Club in Palm Springs, finishing up on May 3 with 2 sets at Steamer's Club in LS (Fullerton).

After a few days home, Bud jets off to New York to put together a new recording, and a stint at Birdland May 14 - 16. Back home in time to celebrate his 72nd birthday on May 27th. Annual pilgrimage to the CART races in Portland, Oregon in June, followed by intensive preparation for the Workshop and Festival in Port Townsend in July. Always a consummate professional himself, Bud really can't comprehend musicians who agree to a performance contract months in advance and then blithely break it at will and without so much as an apology when they are offered more bread elsewhere. This kind of conduct is bad for the jazz business and personally really distasteful. Good doesn't have to mean arrogant!

August is packed, starting with the Kaslo Jazz Festival in Canada, then two days at the Jazz At Sangres Festival in Colorado, a week in Monterey, and the Silver City Festival in New Mexico at the end of the month. September kicks off with the West Coast Jazz Party in Irvine, California.

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