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April 2006

Well, this is it. On May 27, 2006, Bud Shank reaches 80 years of age, and he is not only still on his feet but busier and playing better than ever!

He works in some strange places, like Fargo last month, where it was minus 6 degrees and snowing a blizzard. Then there is a tour of Taiwan/Mainland China/Hong Kong in the planning stages for summer.

Coming out soon is the Bud Shank Big Band CD, recorded at a roaring, fantastic performance live at Ken Poston's fall event in 2005. This is Bud's first ever big band of his own, and he hopes to do a lot more work with them in the near future. He is also planning to record a duo CD with pianist Bill Mays in New York City this spring.

In celebration of such a major birthday, Bud got to pick a very special present, and of course he couldn't as for a nice tie or new slippers. His gift is sitting in the garage in all its glory: a 2006 silver Porsche
CaymanS. He got it early as he wanted to have the first one in Arizona and it had to be ordered months in advance from the factory. Positively sinful-looking automobile. And if he keeps driving it the way he is now he probably won't make it to 81.

During the birthday month of May, Bud will tour back east, with two nights at Chris's Cafe in Filial, then four nights at the Iridium in New York City, including a birthday bash on the 27th, then a tentative gig at Blues Alley in DC, followed by two nights of concerts at Scullers in Boston. Should be a fun tour and a nice chance to connect with a lot of friends and fans on the right coast.

Mrs. Bud is at work on a book entitled "Vignettes -- Life on the Jazz Road," a humorous look at the travails of touring.

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