Bud Notes, January 1996 Newsletter

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April 2005

Another roaring year shaping up! April 9 Bud goes to Birmingham for a quintet concert with Woods, then on the Utah for a series of clinics and a performance sharing the stand with Pete Christlieb. May 4 - 8 he is in Hawaii for the Jazz Getaway (really tough gig). On May 26 - 29 he is in LA at another of Ken Poston's stellar productions, which includes a night of the Bud Shank Big Band, a feature with Bill Holman's Band, and a feature with the Neophonic. Quite a birthday weekend for Bud!

The new CD "Live at Yoshi's" should be coming out on the Capri label even as you all get this. The recording quality is superb and the two "septuagenarian gladiators" go at it with gusto. Bud also wrote a tribute song for Artie Shaw (his first jazz influence while a kid listening to the radio under the bedcovers in Ohio). It is called "Starduster." He is working with composer/arranger Mike Barone to build up his Big Band library with charts for that piece as well as some of Mike's other arrangements.

Bud has such a wide spectrum of concerts this year that he is up to his neck in sorting music for duo, quartet, quintet, Big Band, etc. There are marathon daily practice sessions accompanied by Rubato and Allegro bassets howling along -- almost in key. Mrs. Bud has requested a decorative set of earplugs for her birthday.

She is also organizing a three-week tour in Europe this September, which includes two days of recording with the BBC as well as jobs in London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Vienna, and Turin so far. Two trips to Italy in two months -- whew.

Everything is in place for the Bud Shank Jazz Workshop and Jazz Festival Southwest in July. See you there!

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