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April 2001

Having completed a very successful series of performances in the Midwest in February, Bud and pal David Friesen decided to keep up the momentum and do another tour together as a duo. They will perform a series of concerts in April in Tucston, Phoenix, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe. Then in May, Bud takes the Quartet into Carpenter Hall in Long Beach for an appearance in their Jazz series.

In May the Bud Shank Sextet (Conte Candoli, Bill Perkins, Bill Mays, Bob Magnusson, and Joe LaBarbera), board the QE2 in New York for a weeklong Jazz Cruise, ending in Southampton, England. At the end of the cruise, the Shanks will spend a few days in London visiting with old friends including bandleader Vic Lewis. Bud will celebrate his 75th birthday there on May 27.

In the midst of all this, Bud has happily leaped into the fray surrounding Ken Burns' controversial series about (purportedly) jazz. Don't miss the three-part commentary in Gene Lees' wonderful "Jazzletter," published monthly. If nothing else, there is a lot of new interest in jazz out there, as we can tell by the increased activity on our website.

Bud is also beginning to put together a new CD to be recorded in July, his second on the Raw Records label and again featuring the sextet Silver Storm. He is also entering into a collaboration with LuxuriaMusic, an Internet musical service provider that does everything but show up at your house! Check them about at www.luxuriamusic.com.

Lastly, Bud wants to sell his Powell flute -- anyone interested should contact him via e-mail.



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