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January 1999

Ring in the New Year! Hope your holidays were merry and bright.

Bud's best Christmas present was going into the studio with his band in December to record a new CD of Mulligan music. It came out beautifully and should be released in the Spring of '99. It will be called "After You, Jeru". The band was honored by the presence of Franca Mulligan who came out from New York and attended the session.

Bud's tour of Holland and Germany was a howling success, with ten sold out concert venues and sparkling reviews. Thanks to Rein De Graaff for his professionalism in putting this tour together so well.

The quartet filmed its PBS "Club Date" in November, and did a SRO concert at the Athenaeum in La Jolla as well. Bud also played at Chadney's the week of the recording session, a gig that almost did not happen due to the heavy rains in LA collapsing the roof of the club the day before the gig! Was this a hint? Thankfully they got another venue and the show went on.

There was snow in Port Townsend for Christmas, and all sorts of nice elves called up offering gigs for '99: a movie in January, the Hampton Jazz Festival in February, Alaska in March (brrr), England in April for the birthday bash of the great bandleader Vic Lewis, a Ken Poston Tribute To Gerry Mulligan (also in April), a tour back east in May, and on and on. Bud is also hard at work on his own Workshop & Festival next July. He received wonderful Christmas news - a gift from Cart Race Team owner Bruce McCaw to Centrum Foundation in the amount of $25,000 to support Bud's workshop. If there were only more people like Bruce the world would be a much jazzier place.

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