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January 2005

The year 2004 was the busiest year Bud has had in his entire soloist career. It was a year of triumphant concerts all over the world, a new partnership with Phil Woods, several new compositions, participation in John LaBarbera's big band CD (nominated for a Grammy as of this writing), a stellar week at Yoshi's (look for the CD in February), and another one at the Triple Door in Seattle -- a really lovely club/concert hall.

It was also a year of treachery and hurt vis a vis the actions of Centrum board and staff. Whatever their lowly motives, they did us a huge favor. The Workshop and Festival is set for Albuquerque in July 2005. Most of the staff is in place -- all of Bud's faculty is coming with him. And, we have had a mountain of requests for student applications to the week-long Workshop. Maria Schneider will be leading the Festival Big Band, and most of the mainstage artists have been contracted, including the Bud and Phil package. More on this later.

This year promises to be at least, and probably more, busy than 2004. Bud's quartet performs Friday night at the giant IAJE convention in Los Angeles, and then he and Bill Mays go down to La Jolla on Saturday for a duo concert at the Athanaeum. Saturday January 29 Bud performs at the Trinity Jazz Festival in Houston, Texas. February 1 - 3 finds him in Phoenix for a clinic and concert with bassist David Friesen. February 25 he is guest soloist with John LaBarbera's Big Band in Louisville, Kentucky. His March schedule is still being put in place as of this writing.

In January, his biographer Bruce Talbot comes out to Tucson for a week to continue research for the book. In the middle of all this he is working with Tom Burns from Capri Records to choose among four nights of live material recorded at Yoshi's for the new CD, working with Mrs. Bud to write the lyric for a commissioned song, and yes -- practicing!


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